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Combat Recovery™ Resources
About Combat Recovery
This section in development.

If you know of a Combat Recovery resource for veterans or wounded heroes, please contact us so we can add the resource here. Click here for contact information.

  • Marine Corps DSTRESS Counseling Line - A new service was developed by the Marine Corps called the DSTRESS Line. It provides 24/7 counseling support for Marines, Marine Veterans, and their families and loved ones. The anonymous counseling consists of professional support for any stress-related issue including work, personal, relationship, family and financial. Call 877-476-7734 any time of the day or week to speak with someone who can help.

  • Defense Centers of Excellence - The Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE) was established to provide assistance to Marines and Marine families who might be coping with psychological health issues and traumatic brain injuries. The mission of the DCoE is to facilitate resilience, rehabilitation and reintegration, and this is accomplished through clinical care, education and training, prevention, research and patient, family and community outreach. Marines and families in need of assistance can call the DCoE 24/7 Outreach Center at 866-966-1020 or email

  • National Center For PTSD: Where to Get Help - Lists phone numbers for emergency call centers, where Veterans can chat with crisis counselors, as well as contact information for mental health treatment centers. The National Center for PTSD, which has emerged as the world's expert on PTSD, also contains resources for self-treatment and advice on choosing a counselor.

  • Wounded Warrior Regiment - Offers support and assistance for wounded, ill and injured Marines, Sailors attached to or in support of Marine units, and their family members throughout all phases of recovery. The Wounded Warrior Call Center provides 24/7 assistance to all WII Marines, whether they were injured in combat or elsewhere, at 877-487-6299. The WWR also offers non-medical care around the clock. Marines can utilize the call center for support as they return to duty or transition to civilian life.

  • Building Homes for Heroes - Builds or modifies homes to be more disability accessible for soldiers severely wounded or disabled in combat. To inquire about assistance call 516-684-9220, or email

  • Hope for the Warriors - Hopes to enhance the quality of life for US service members and their families who have been adversely affected by injuries. The organization offers programs to build accessible housing for Wounded Warriors, Couples and Family Retreats, and provide financial assistance. To inquire about assistance, call 910-938-1817 or 877-246-7349, or contact via email at

  • Injured Marines Fund - Raises money for Wounded Warriors and their families through various fundraisers. To contact call 973-897-2237, or email

  • Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund - Provides wheelchairs, audio/ visual equipment for the blind, and software for traumatic brain injuries, and aids Marines and Marine families in acquiring adaptive transportation. They also aid families in home renovations for be more accessible for their Wounded Warrior. If you live West of the Mississippi and would like to inquire about assistance, call 760-725-3680. If you live East of the Mississippi and would like to inquire about assistance, call 703-640-0181

  • Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund - An effort dedicated to honoring and supporting the heroes who serve in defense of our country and their families: Americaís men and women in uniform know that at any time they may be called upon to put themselves in harmís way to protect our nation and its values. The years since the cowardly attacks of September 11, 2001 have seen our nation engaged in two wars. The thousands of deaths and countless injuries incurred by our military have clearly driven home the meaning of sacrifice.

    The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund exists to help those who have made these sacrifices. We have made grants to the families of those who have been lost. We have built an advanced rehabilitation center to care for those with amputation and severe burn injuries. And we have most recently constructed what will be our nationís foremost facility for treating servicemembers and veterans who suffer from traumatic brain injury. These efforts are part of the way that our nation can pay back the debt we owe to those who stand in our defense.

  • Operation First Response - Operation First Response's Wounded Warrior Family Financial Assistance Program aids families while they are waiting for VA benefits. They offer to assist families in covering the costs of rent, utilities, vehicle payments, groceries, clothing, and travel to and from hospitals. To request assistance you can apply online, or call 888-289-0280.

  • Operation Mend - Provides reconstructive plastic surgery to Wounded Warriors suffering from disfiguring wounds received from combat in either Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom. The program works closely with the burn unit of Brooke Army Medical Center. To contact the program, you can email them at, or call 310-794-8161.

  • Project Victory
    Project Victory provides rehabilitation and combat stress counseling for Operation New Dawn, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom active duty service members and veterans diagnosed with brain injury or post concussive syndrome. Services are provided at no cost to the client through a grant received by TIRR Foundation from the Iraq Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund of the California Community Foundation. Services within Project Victory are provided by one of our nationís premier rehabilitation centers, the Transitional Living Center in Galveston.

    Project Victory is accepting new patients. If you or a loved one served in Operation New Dawn, Operation Iraqi Freedom or Enduring Freedom and have been diagnosed with a brain injury or post concussive syndrome, or are experiencing the following symptoms, Project Victory may be able to help you.

    • Trouble with memory, attention or concentration
    • Difficulty organizing tasks
    • Blurred vision or eyes tire easily
    • Easily angered or irritated
    • Difficulty inhibiting behavior, impulsive
    • More sensitive to sounds, lights or distractions
    • Impaired decision-making or problem-solving
    • Feeling tired all the time
    • Headaches or ringing in the ears
    • Slowed thinking, moving, speaking or reading

    Shawn Brossart, LCSW |
    Account Manager, Project Victory | Ph: (409) 797-1400 | Fax: (409) 797-1401

    More Information on Project Victory can be found at:

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